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Things feeling normal!!
Update posted by Jen Crook On Nov 16

Over the last fews days, and distinctly yesterday, Haggis has come back into character and the weird head stuff seems to have passed. She has had a sore abdomen and has just started having Metacam for this, which has made her a bit more bouncy and means that she is not avoiding stretching as much, although she's not quite up to a full stretch just yet. If the problem persists then there is the potential for some scans / chest X Rays to check it out, but in general she is seeming like old Haggis again.

The whole experience has been absolutely mind blowing and I suspect life changing as I'm thinking about adapting some very big plans as a result, but I will process all that and write a full blog about it once I'm done! I am amazed at Haggis' effort at staying alive. She really was at the pearly gates and it feels as though she has come back from the dead! Top effort Waggles! Make me feel so proud! :)

And house rules have changed a wee bit since she got back...

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