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My first healing session
Update posted by willy meerstra On Oct 17

Hello everybody, just to give you an update. Today I had my first healing session, a Papimi treatment and , ahipoxia- hiperoxia treatment. This morning when I woke up I felt completely horrible and without any energy, thanks to my dear friend Carmen, I got to Palma. I first had the Papimi treatment which had a huge effect on my right breast where the lumps have been found, it got all warm and I was told this is the effect it gives on places in the body where you need it. After the Papimi treatment I got the ahipoxia- hiperoxia treatment. At first I had some trouble with the low oxigine, but when I got used to it I calmed down, and my body got really relaxed. During the treatment I noticed quite a headache, and after the treatment I had a really stif aching feeling from my right ear (where I have a horrible tinnitus) to my jaw. After about 10 minutes I started feeling better, and when I got up I had so much more energy it was unbelieveable. After the treatment I had a talk with a doctor about my multiple health problems, and he will now make a programm for me, about what medicins and supplements I have to take. Finally I met a doctor who is talking some sense, and he told me that my severe stomach and intestinal problems through chemo therapy are from deterioration of stam cells, and my Vit. B12 levels are at zero. I have really good hopes, the treatments I am receiving right now will get me back on my feet finally, although I still have a long way to go. Thank you all so much for all your support, and keep sharing my campaign please! Love to all who are being so supportive!

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