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Update posted by willy meerstra On Oct 12

Hello everybody who has been so kindly contributing to the Crowdfunding set up for me through Gwyneth. I am very greatful to her and you all for helping me. The support is already so heartwarming and uplifting. Most of you will know about my situation but let me give you a brief inside of what is going on. About 5 years ago I got struck for the second time with breastcancer, although I had an amputation with reconstruction the first time, it did not prevent the cancer coming back a second time 5 years ago. Doctors decided then I needed chemotherapy. I cried my eyes out at the time because that seemed my worse nightmare, and it was exactly what it became to be. During the chemo I started vomiting and having diarrhea which has been going on till the day of today, as you can all understand this has had a huge effect on my body and immunesystem. I learned to struggle with it, because no doctors were taking anything seriously and actually acted like this was all quite normal.

Then, last November I started getting bad eyesight, red eyes, blurry eyes and had my throat inflamed. It felt strange but I kept going on. Late November I found out I had a tickplage in my house, most probably of a tick one of the dogs had brought home, which I failed to see. The ticks were everywhere, and in the process of trying to get rid of them, I started getting severe headaches, blurry vision, horrible tinnitus which is going on till the day of today, painful neck, up to the point I could not think clearly anymore, had speaking problems and concentrationproblems, and a lot of pains in nose, cheeks and eyes up to the gums and teeth in my mouth. After having begged on my knees literally to take me in at the hospitals, in Son Espases the finally took me in, where I had to fight myself literally through the horrible system of conventional medicine.

A boyfriend at the time got me in touch with Gwyneth, who is giving the AN DI treatments an energy corrector machine, which has given me from the first moment on great relief. I also started detoxing, bought myself a detox machine, dieting and things seemed to be getting better. But at a certain point the stomach and intestinalproblems got really bad, constant diarrhea and hardly anything I could eat anymore.

We have done private ecological tests and the outcome was that all the mucos has gone from my stomach and intestins, which means all protection is gone, so my body is not able to absorp nutrition anymore. Since a few weeks I found out that this most probably comes from a huge lack of Vit. B12, caused by the chemo, and obviously has gotten so much worse since the lymes. Doctors would not give the injections of Vit. B12 to me, as my bloodlevels of Vit. B12 were actually quite high. Two weeks ago I more or less forced them to give it a try, in the meanwhile promising I would go to the hospital if I would not feel better in the afternoon. I did start to feel better though, but still at the moment I can hardly come out of my bed, trying doing something for 5 minutes is exhausting, a hospital visit a few days ago because I found lumps in my breasts again cost me so much energy I am still lying in bed till the day of today. If anyone is experiencing Seguridad Social nowadays they will know it’s a mess, but I am still going there to have tests done. Last week they found 4 lumps in my breast, but they decided not to do anything in order not to do harm to the implants, where before they used to have taken out the lumps immediately. Now that would not have been possible right now, as my weight has dropped to a scaring 47 kilo, which means I lost 10 and I am severly underweight.So this is a bit were I am standing at the moment, and I have high hopes that in the clinic in Palma they can help me get myself on my feet again, because one thing is for sure, I can not go on the way I am, and won´t make it much longer being ignored by hospitals and conventional doctors. I thank you all so much for your support, and please spread the word, love to you all!


Thank you so much Monique and my trainconductor! xxx

willy meerstra

Update posted by Oct 17


Dear willy, what a sad story. We hope you Will getting Well because you deserve it. You are one of the nicest person we have met in Cala dor . We hope that more persons Will donate money for Your treatment. We love you very much, big kisses 😘😘😘❤️🙋 Iwan and Monique

Monique Hegeman

Update posted by Oct 12

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