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Update posted by Monte Pescador On Jul 25

At this point, the entire campaign has been stalled for nearly 6 months. Very few have reposted the campaign and most only at urging. Worse, land prices since posting the last update have gotten a lot worse, with farm land starting to hit the market at extremely high prices, even far out on the plains. At the moment, Denver is quickly becoming a high priced island that cannot be helped without a miracle.

That being said, we are considering a change for the sake of other nonprofits and churches, changing the campaign to a much smaller goal. I would like to hear from you, our backers and followers about this. Right now there is a need for someone to take on transportation assistance. Part of this is the use of a truck or van to transport food to food banks and meal centers. Another part of this is reliable transportation for people unable to make it to shelters and sometimes even work on their own. Plus, small churches tend to have unreliable vans as transportation for their own uses.

Two possible goals are this:

1) A crew-cab truck to support our efforts in starting and keeping up with our community garden efforts as well as help with food transportation.

2) A 30-person bus.

This would bring down the set goal to $100,000.

Please comment on this and God bless you for your support.


I think this is a real possibility and maybe even you can find a car dealer who would be willing to match you dollar for dollar. Or be willing to donate a van, maybe not 30 person but hey, Rome was not built in a day. Your generous spirit of trying to make a difference for others is commendable and I love y’all for that. Start small and pray for more! Xoxo

Carol Bishop

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