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Donation Turnover 1
Update posted by Hannah Reyes Morales On Sep 16

I gave donations from Day 1 to Jhaylord's family last night, and upon receiving it his brother said, 'I knew it, I knew God would make a way.' (Sabi ko na nga ba, sabi ko na nga ba gagawan ng paraan ni Lord.)

The campaign raised twice the amount of money than initially targeted, and is still ongoing. If you would like to still donate, the remaining money will be given to Jhaylord's mother, who takes care of his daughter Shaemie's education.

Sadly unlike other successfully funded campaigns this one is unique in that its completion doesn't mean triumph - Jhaylord was a single dad and his daughter is now left an orphan. But they're staying strong.

The Clementes are really grateful for every person who helped make their burden lighter.

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