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Introducing Players - Jenmark / Enrico / Daniel King
Update posted by Desmond Tang On Sep 16

Jenmark (Front) - Enrico (Centre) - Daniel King (Back)

Jenmark is currently working full time, while studying in SIM on a part time basis. On top of his heavy commitment, he is also training hard for both his club and country. Talk about dedication! Look at his heavy eye bags! You can follow him at his instagram account @jenmarksorreda

Enrico is serving NS. What does he do? If you fall and sprain your ankle, he knows how to bandage it. If you get a heavy cut, he knows how to keep the wound clean. Yes, a Medic! In fact, he is a medic trainer. Currently, he handles MOCC. It refers to doctors (Medical Officers) who needs to go through a conversion course when they serve in NS! Wow! Trainers of doctors! Cool or what! You can follow him at his instagram account @enricoelifhmarican

Daniel King is one of the few young blood that Coach Sonia have managed to bring into the squad. Very quickly during his time in Republic Polytechnic, he has caught the eye of many with his skills and capability on court. Off court, he looks just like a shy boy! You can follow him at his instagram account @danieljamesking32

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