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Meet Jairah and her two children
Update posted by Virlanie Foundation On Aug 31

    Jairah didn’t know where else to turn.

    Will she be trapped in this cycle of living in the streets?
    She had a baby to think of, and was slowly running out of options.

    Thankfully, she met someone from Virlanie Foundation who invited her to a new training center that could train her in acquiring skills which could be income-generating, while simultaneously enabling her child with the necessary facilities to play and study with constant supervision.

    Now that she has the opportunity to earn income, Jairah is looking forward to a future where she can stand on her own two feet, for herself and for her baby.

    iLead Open Day Center for Education & Training

    iLead ODC-ET is a fully-equipped education and training center where street and marginalized mothers and young adults receive skills-training that can enable them to generate income or open livelihood opportunities for themselves and their children. It aims to recruit, train, and support beneficiaries who are committed to making a positive change in their current economic situation.

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