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Day Six
Update posted by Stephanie Bellomy On Sep 04

Well Gd only knows what lies for my poor husbands world today. I took an hour extra at home this morning and I was uneasy to fly back to this hospital. Had to cancel my markets with the business today. It would have been great income but.......

The nurse immediately stopped me and said do not stimulate,talk or wake him in any way. He kicked his leg almost over his head and became highly aggressive. So their fear is for his and their safety. Remember everyone...he can't help it. His brain injury is severe. He also wakes up scared, tubes are in his mouth so he doesnt even have a voice now. They do tests to lower the help given for his breathing so they can give his body the chance to fight on its own. Remember, the lungs have to work, he needs oxygen, organs have to function, etc. But the most critical is the brain injury. Any way, I just got word that the trauma surgeon will not remove the breathing tube today. Being cautious, he feels he's not ready. So today's goal is to for low brain activity. Rest for those blood vessels, so hopefully less of a fight. His vitals are good now. Nothing much can be expected until the weekend is over. I am here in his room being as quiet as possible. I can't touch him for fear of waking him. So.....pray some more everyone. I hope he's in there. The nurse said she thinks yes he is.

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