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Day Four, why is there no progress?
Update posted by Stephanie Bellomy On Aug 31

5:30 am and I just arrived at the hospital. I was asked to wait 15 minutes because he had kicked his urinary device off. I hope this was an accident and not aggressiveness or agitation. This behavior makes me concerned about his brain injuries. It was probably an accident and it's easy to do with all the crap he's hooked up to. He's a kicker when he sleeps anyway.

7:28 am and I am waiting for his daughter and the nurse to arrive. They said this morning was he had an episode of confusion and delirium. He popped straight up after he kicked his feet on the end of the bed. They had to place him down and then the catheter got pulled out. He called out for his brother Gary and his Mommy. Specifically get my Mommy. They said that all of this occurred after lowering his pain medication to not over medicate. So they slightly upped it again and now he is asleep. They are not hurrying us about the surgery but I explained my concern about not seeing any mental improvement. One point the nurses made is the longer he stays the more crazy he feels not being able to start moving.

His daughter arrived and is here and we talked and thought passing the day for as much rest as possible an maybe letting the surgery occur either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

7:54 am I will ask about the pain management but I'm thinking at this point it's the juggling of pain medication to manage his pain. And they actually restrained his arms today and he is not responsive to conversation but he did tell the nurse "ouch" when the catheter was inserted. The consensus is from his children and myself that we will monitor his condition today up until as late as we can go until surgery. If it appears as though he can get through the surgery, it's yes to this afternoon. I will have apprehension if he becomes combative or overly aggressive as the day progresses. But if he is agitated but lucid I would say yes for this afternoon. Otherwise the morning seems to be the latest we want delay so the leg healing is not compromised.

9:33 am Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. There's nothing else medically they can say to deny the surgery. He had a sonogram for blood clots and the radiologist will let us know as soon as they read it. The neurologist came in and said his frontal brain injury is severe and it changes personality, agitation, ambition, etc. So this made me decide to say those horrible words...will he have brain damage? He said they won't know for a while what the extent of his abilities will be. I WANTED TO CRY AND NEVER STOP! I am so hurt. Omg. I just pray that he will be mentally sound. That hit me hard just now. So it's covered for the neurologist because if the anesthesia caused him complications we wouldn't know where the damage came from. My heart is crushed. So it's tomorrow. Pray.

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