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Day Three, Tuesday morning.
Update posted by Stephanie Bellomy On Aug 30

Last night was extremely difficult for Dave and everyone around him. He was very uncomfortable and insanely uncooperative. The nurse discovered that his leg was turning inward and it needed surgery this morning. I stayed with him all day and his son and daughter in law were there too. Most of the time he seemed unaware of the severity of his injuries, which was a change in behavior. His agitation was through the roof. He was pulling off his neck brace which could have caused more brain bleeding, pulling off the arm cast then feeling so much pain. Finally we all left him thinking the nurses could get a grip over his behavior. This was not the case. Dave didn't sleep all night and continued to decline mentally. He was pulling out the oxygen tube which in turn gave him loss of oxygen and his ribs hurt trying to take deep breaths so he didn't want to breath deep. This morning in speaking with the ortho surgeon's and nurses we expressed the concern of surgery too soon on the leg because due to the fact he would need to be anesthetized, this led to discomfort with the brain not working well last night and today. We decided to put the brakes on surgery after speaking to the ortho. He has a week before the leg becomes a problem so the doctor thought priority should be to pay attention to the brain first. So no surgery today (THANK GOD) and medication is being dripped into IV as opposed to being administered all at one time. So blessings to everyone for their contributions whether it's prayer, financial, thoughts or whatever! It is APPRECIATED by me and my POOR husband. Prayers are still needed. He's not out of the woods yet. Thank you everyone.

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