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Mom's 20+ cm Cancerous Mass (Warning: Graphic Photo in this Update)
Update posted by Helen Mary Barrameda On Sep 25

Hi Everyone,

I finally got a chance to get a snapshot of the huge cancerous mass that my mom was carrying. Because of your help, this monstrous thing killing her quickly was taken out of her uterus. Now she stands a chance to have treatment options like chemotherapy.

I would like to share this not to gross you out, but maybe as an encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the humungous cancerous mass (the nurse's torso in the background to scale how large or massive it has turned):

Her uterus has completely disintegrated and so are her ovaries and almost her entire reproductive system. Her stomach's stitch was much longer than what she had to undergo during me and my sister's Caesarian births.

You helped save her life, literally, with all these donations. If I did not have this crowdfunding page and you did not help me raise the fund on time, this would have climbed everywhere else with its aggressive nature. It is frightening to look at this humungous mass of cancer tumor but it reminds me of how people came through and how she was saved by your kindness.

Again, thank you so much for helping save her life. I stopped the fund raising early but I consider this campaign as a success.

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