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PGH Room... Finally!
Update posted by Helen Mary Barrameda On Sep 06

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, my mother was finally able to reach the top of the queue! She started at slot #21 ten days ago for the paid option of Philippine General Hospital (I call this the "fast lane" of PGH).

Your donations allowed me to save her 6 months of waiting in line for a room. In reality, she does not have six months to wait given the urgency of her life or death situation. Your contribution is helping her have a fighting chance to extend her life and this means the world to me, considering our situation.

The challenge is now in finding blood bag replacements so I am calling up friends who pledged to donate their blood 3 weeks ago. She will be needing around 5-6 bags and each bag takes 12 hours to transfuse. Her operation schedule is this September 9, and we are truly hoping for the best. I hope she makes it. We have already done everything humanely possible online in raising funds and getting financial aid.

Aside from the financial support, I got a lot of moral support and information about the vicissitudes of this illness and the healthcare system of the Philippines. Even the tiniest gestures like encouraging words from Facebook Messenger is huge to me considering the heaviness of this crisis. To say that the whole experience is an educational experience is an understatement.

Again, thank you so much for helping us. All these funds I have collected are now in the hands of my cousin Joan. She is the one doing the legwork because I am bedridden three hours away from where my mother is currently confined.

With profuse gratitude,

Helen, Mommy Lynne, and Baby Santi

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