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A Glimmer of Hope
Update posted by Helen Mary Barrameda On Aug 20

Thank you so much for helping us. I was forced to have my mom discharged from the hospital (National Kidney Institute) because the Php 300,000 required for her single operation was too expensive. Instead, the doctor encouraged us to transfer her to PGH with two options: charity ward or paying. Charity ward based on my extensive research and reviews from bloggers requires at least 6 months just to get a room reservation because of the number of patients unless you have an insider to help you bump the patient up in the queue. So our option was to go the paid PGH route and prepare a minimum of Php 150,000. Right now, the fund value is at Php 134,000 so I can finally schedule her for her first operation next week.

I am also selling my books and whatever properties that I can sell or convert into cash to expedite the fund raising efforts.

Aside from this, we are getting the formal biopsy results next week which is one of the paper requirements for PAGCOR, PCSO or other forms of private and government financial assistance. There are also other documents that have to be taken from the barangay hall and a full photocopy of all her medical history. I am working on that too so that her next hospitalization after this crucial operation will finally be covered by some form of financial aid. I am truly hoping that after these documents have been completed and this initial crucial operation to save her life is over, we can already begin preparing for the long-term therapy that will run from months to years with the other efforts.

Again, I thank you profusely from the bottom of my heart. This fund you have helped me raise is saving my mother and baby's life. I hope that God will bless you for all these contributions. Thank you.

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