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Why I'm doing this???
Update posted by Tiina Tasa On Aug 14

I biked 91 km yesterday. It was really windy. The second part was also rainy and cold. All my body was so tired in the end. "How the hell I can manage with this London-Paris ride?" was the only thought in my head... if the flat land with 90 km is already killing me... Why I'm doing this?

My trainer-husband said I have to come out from my comfort zone. I am already out of it. I am 51 years old lady. I would knit or play with my grandchildren or bicycle with low speed on nice roads in nice weather only - that's the comfort zone. I'm far out of it last months, I put all my efforts into training and still feel so week. Why I'm doing this?

Maybe it was too spontaneous and emotional decision to participate this 377 km London-Paris ride? So I was sitting yesterday on my sofa, feeling so low... and thinking... What the hell - I am a healthy woman without any serious health problems. This challenge is helping me to gain much better physical shape - why not to try? Especially when I can help people suffering with rare disease... in many cases they can't do so many things in their lives. I will struggle with this challenge for 3 days but these people with rare disease have to face challenges during their whole life.

I can help them a little bit. You can too. Just make a small donation (even 1 euro will help) and we together will help haemophilia patients to improve their lives.

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