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Chunky is growing fast! Help J expand Chunky, he's looking for some help!
Update posted by Jewin Chunky On Nov 18

Hello! First off, thank you very kindly! Chunky has grown immensely and it would not have been possible without the contribution of each and everyone of you!

With more than 15 videos on the Chunky reel, know that there are so many more that are on the way! Click here to subscribe!

If you haven’t watched the videos yet, you’ll be happy to know that I am writing an ebook that will be a part of the Chunky book series! Chunky is still in its very early infancy, so it’s natural for it to come off as vague and aimless. The first book will aim to address this issue, by laying out the fundamentals of the tribe, its philosophies and objectives. It will also serve as a handbook, to assist us as we answer the call to our journey of self - exploration, discovery and transformation!

A lot has happened in the past 2 months, and with less than 2 months left to the year, I’m looking to grab on to whatever that comes my way while making the best of my time across the world.

In the midst of it, an opportunity to volunteer and immerse myself in Amazonian culture has surfaced. With the guide of the universe, I believe that it will be crucial to the workings of the book that I’m writing. I’ll discover the ways in which the native tribes live off the land, and their innate bond with the natural world around them.

I plan on traveling to the Amazon jungle of Peru to learn from the natives and inspire the writings of this book. While there, food and lodging will be provided in exchange for my time. The nearest gateway is the port city, Iquitos. The only problem is, Iquitos is the biggest city in the world that is NOT accessible by road. I’d either have to fly in or hop on to a boat, and that is where the bulk of the financial damage would be coming from. Here’s where I’ll be needing some assistance from you and the universe once again: help get J to Iquitos! Once I’m there, I'll be well taken care of for almost 2 weeks before heading back up to San Francisco to prepare for the upcoming Chunky retreat in January.

Whoever that has donated before, is donating now or will be donating in the future will receive a copy of my ebook when it is completed, free of charge, as a token of my sincere gratitude to you! Without your support and contribution, none of this would be possible, and I am committed to the growth and evolution of each and every one of us, through Chunky.

Everything will be coalesced into one central website. It is currently being hosted on a certain platform but we are however switching platforms due to the long term business advantage we’ll get. Plus its cheaper. You can check out our future website over here!

We need some resource to run our website, pay the fees needed for our domain, server and hosting platform. We also need some resource to upgrade our cloud space online because me and my team work remotely from halfway across the world, so the need for a sizable cloud space to share files and discussions back and forth is crucial to the organic growth of Chunky as a whole.

I’ve come a long way since the last crowd fund campaign, this time traveling with a brand, a youtube channel, a blog, a retreat, and the possibility of throwing a Chunky festival in the near future. Without even reaching our target, I managed to still do more than was thought capable, imagine the possibilities if we DID reach our target? Crazy right?!

At the end of the day, when someone suggests you to sit with yourself, it’s not them that’s going to achieve a peace of mind, it's you! It really is, for the benefit of you and your journey! Most of us do not see the need or value in hanging out with ourselves, understandably, we were not taught to recognize these values as crucial to our growth. Here at Chunky we are committed, I am committed to sharing with you world views and ways of life that we might chance upon the art of living ourselves!

When you share a bit of your fiscal energy with us, not only do you support Chunky, you also allow yourself the opportunity to align with the values and philosophies of Chunky itself, which is the journey of self-exploration, discovery and transformation! Summadat self love yo!

Within us, is a potential so vast, the universe pales in comparison. You do not need to believe me, you only have to experience it for yourself! And that is where the retreat and festival will come into play!

This bit here is extremely optional, only if you and the universe allow me this choice, I'd like to raise some money to pursue my life long dream of being able to produce my own music. I have a working laptop, and with a program or two, I'd be able to begin learning and eventually producing my very own music!

I could download and crack these programs but if I have a choice to support and buy the original, I'd be happy to oblige! Here's the link to one of the programs called Ableton Live.

Not only that, Deadmau5 is producing an electronic music production masterclass online! I'll be able to learn production from the man himself that made Strobe, It’s a chance of a lifetime for the little kid! I’ve always wanted to learn music production and I think this might be hella worth it!

And when I do make music, as it will help me better express myself, it’ll all be uploaded onto Soundcloud for each and everyone of us to listen to free of charge! Forever! You can check out the song me and my friend G Boy whipped out a long time ago here. I’m sharing all my creative expressions with everyone, all I ask is your support for our cause!

I’m committed to the planet, it’s environment, and it’s inhabitants, I’m here for all of us, as we are all here for one another! Join me in our Chunky Journey! This is only the beginning..

The rough breakdown of how the monies will be used for Chunky 2.0 :

- about $1000 to fly in and out of Iquitos (end of the month)

- $450 - $480 1TB year long cloud space on gDrive

- $218 annual hosting fee on squarespace

- miscellaneous

- if allowed, Ableton, and the music stuff ;)

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