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Bad News; The move is off
Update posted by Christy Sweet On Nov 06

I've got distressing news

I am going to have to offer to give the donations back. The stable in Penang is closing- the land is being developed.

I was waiting to hear if the owner was going to try and move the establishment but he is not, I'm just glad I found out before I made the move because it was going to be a one gigantic hassle.

I simply do not have the cash on hand to offer refunds just yet. I've just contacted the funding site to find out if I can do it through their processing- or if I have to do it myself. If so, my sister is traveling in EU and will return in two weeks (Nov 21) and then I can refund donations as the funds are in her bank account.

There is an maybe still and option at a resort to give pony rides about 5 hours drive from Phuket- still in Thailand. I am in contact with them , but just not sure if this will work out.

I'm just sick about this - I was really looking forward to a new life in a fantastic city, Georgetown, Penang.

so [sniff,... sniff sobs] I have contacted all I can through emails and will be stopping the fundraiser. I will leave it up until I hear how to go about refunds.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me - and the ponies.

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