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Update posted by Christopher Mercier On Nov 19

My unwanted passport!

My PET Scan results concluded that my tumors have decreased in size (1/3 smaller) left side from 15cm to 6.6cm and right side from 13cm to 5cm, which is the good news but the cancer is still living. My Doctor said I have 2 choices, either I continue another 4 Chemotherapy + Radiotherapy or Radiotherapy alone. We chose to move on with the radiotherapy as it has less side effects than chemotherapy. Radiotherapy has a chance of long term side effects such as breast cancer and possibly other cell damage . Although fingers crossed and lots of prayers the new technology of the equipment used will not let this happen. Fifteen times of radiotherapy, 15 minutes each time, 2 done 13 to go! We will keep fighting and win this battle! #keepfighting #healingrose #cancermom #lymphoma

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