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Chemotherapy Treatment #7
Update posted by Christopher Mercier On Oct 14

We have come along way since the beginning of Rose’s treatments. Before treatment number seven, Rose fell ill on Monday October 17th and was rushed to the nearest hospital. Rose suffered a migraine far worse than any she has ever experienced in her lifetime. She underwent a CT scan to check for any signs that were causing her migraine. After receiving her first shot to ease the pain, the migraine did not subside, so a second shot was administered. Nothing irregular showed on the CT scan and we were advised to admit her to the hospital for close monitoring. The migraine persisted and caused vomiting. Then the doctors noticed that her food was not digesting. The best action was to transfer her by ambulance to the hospital where she is normally treated.

After arriving at Sumitivj Hospital, the doctor injected a stronger pain medicine to stop the excruciating migraine. Rose was also given a stronger sleeping pill to help her rest soon after she was admitted. Rose stayed the night in the hospital and was awakened by the nursing staff at 5:30am to check her blood pressure and take an x-ray of her chest. The x-ray was to determine if the tumors had changed in size, bigger or smaller, but it was inconclusive.

Fortunately the migraine subsided and Rose was able to rest for the rest of the day. Her cancer doctor visited her around 4:30pmand after reviewing her x-ray, determined to go ahead with the next round of chemo. Rose, as always, stayed strong and was prepared to be treated once again. Before beginning the seventh chemo treatment, the neurologist double checked her CT scan and evaluated her migraines. She will be monitored for any changes in her health and if so, Rose will receive the dye and have a PT scan to look for a blood clot or other signs of caution.

Rose finished her chemo treatment around 9:00pm she became very exhausted, weak and hot inside. Rose says she has never felt this drained. It has been three days since her chemo and she is still very weak. Rose is resting and sleeping more than ever. We pray for her strength to come back soon and for her cancer and tumors to go away. Rose is scheduled for one more chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday October 25, 2016 if all goes as planned. This will be her last of eight total chemo treatments. Two weeks after her last treatment they will perform a PT scan, which will give us a 4D picture of her chest. This will determine if she is 100% cured or if she will need further treatments. If she is required to continue, she will start receiving radiation treatments, as the chemotherapy cannot be performed anymore.

Pray for Rose. Pray for Healing. Be strong and fight on!

This week October 12, 2016 Rose and I suffered an unfortunate loss of our 12 year old West Highland White Terrier named Wedding. She was one of Rose’s biggest supporters. Wedding has been with Rose through a lot of tough times. Rose loved her dearly and will miss Wedding’s loving personality. Wedding was very independent, shy but always watching. She guarded and protected Rose and will always watch over us now. We will miss her playing with her food, waking us up at night and always being by our sides as a constant companion. Her mother Maggie will continue at our sides and give us the love and comfort we need. Rest In Peace Wedding, we love you sweetheart.

With Love,

Rose, Christopher & Hayden

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