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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Feb 26

Marina recently had a PET scan after her last chemo treatment in December and the results were clean! As you can imagine, Marina's friends and family are delighted and of course Marina herself is looking forward to getting back to life and work. Last week she had some 'minor' surgery, largely unrelated to this last year's challenges. All went well and it shouldn't be long before she resumes her duties at Nelson Labs.

We are all incredibly grateful to all our friends and family for all your support. Your thoughts and prayers have been a great support to all of us. Of course Marina herself has been a great support to us through the whole thing. None who know her would be a bit surprised! We of course also appreciate those who have been kind and generous enough to support Marina and Kent in a more financial capacity. It continues to provide a great relief for them to make ends meet. There will still be some challenges in that regard so continued support is indeed appreciated.

While the last year has been quite a challenge we have keenly aware of the many blessings that have managed to meet us along the way. You are all a big part of those blessings and we give humble thanks every day. Thank you and bless you all!!

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