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Emergency CT Scan
Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 15

Our mom was experiencing tremendous pain yesterday and the doctor ordered to perform an emergency CT scan to understand what's causing it.

Thank God that it is nothing critical to add to the other conditions that we already knew. We are hoping the pain would subside as well with the help of the pain medications that she's already getting.

The good news is that blood is no longer draining from the pig tail insertion she had on her side. Bile continuous to flow so we are expecting that she'll be out of danger soon from any bile infection.

Again, we are very thankful for all the prayers and help we are getting from each one of you. It really means a lot during these difficult times.

Please continue to share our campaign page for us to have a better chance to reach out to those who have kind hearts who might be able to provide assistance.

Thanks again!!!!

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