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2nd Doctor's Appointment
Update posted by Angel Wydock On Jul 04

We got good news after his other doctor's appointment last week. He had the drain removed which is what was causing him the most discomfort and is doing well. The surgeon said the wound is healing very well and he was given the go ahead to return to work when he felt that he could handle the pain and discomfort associated with his job. He is a P&D Truck Driver so this pretty much means he will be sitting on his wound daily while doing his runs and hooking up to and from trailers. Robert's plan is to return to work tomorrow (Tuesday) and do part of his normal day as he want to stay close enough to the terminal if it did get too unbearable. He has a wonderful boss who is supporting his wishes for the duty for a few weeks. He has another follow up appointment scheduled with the surgeon on August 5th in which he (the doctor) thinks he will be healed enough to be released. Prayers work and we thank you so very much for them all.

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