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How your donations are spent
Update posted by Charlotte Thornton On Aug 02

Our current funding provides a budget to cover transport costs and expenses to initially visit the first batch of camps, distributing information sheets and building a network of camp residents willing to act as focal points to spread this information to communities within the camps themselves.

Hard copies of information are printed, updated and tailored to the needs of camps across Greece. We have created materials to run workshops tailored to the needs of different camps and social centres, distributing paper copies to individuals and in bulk to communities who wish to hand them out themselves.

Having undertaken the project in the North and West of Greece, more funding is desperately needed as we expand south towards Athens. A key expenditure is for petrol and basic running costs to allow our trained volunteers to visit camps, give out information and run drop-in clinics where info sheets can be explained and specific questions answered. The running costs are significant: we have established that we will need to visit camps regularly in order to research and update information to respond to inquiries related to different communities and camp locations.

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