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Extending date and asking favours.
Update posted by Samiya Abdul Hafiz. On May 09

asalamualaikum sisters and brothers and everyone reading this.

I have almost crossed the initial deadline and have reached nowhere near my goal... the point of writing this now is to ask a little help and update to why I am increasing the deadline... I am on heavier medications now and I have been doing well... I received high doses on the condition that insha'allah I will be able to receive proper surgeries immediately... now how to help... if you are reading this and have any contactsuggestions to masjid and stuff I would urge you to please contact me as soon as possible... we have made a video and would like it be shown on various platforms so that it helps in raising funds and answering each and everyones question on my ailment insha'allah... insha'allah I hope you all will be helpful... thanks for supporting my ride and hope you people the best of both worlds...

Loads of duas and wishes for everyone..

Allah hafiz.

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