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Update posted by Milena Reig-Amette On Mar 19

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you so much to the people who already participated in this campaign!

As promised, I want to keep you updated of everything that might affect this project. As you may already know the EU-Turkey deal is already changing refugees' situation:

- refugees arriving on Greek islands as from Sunday 20th March will be deported back to Turkey.

- volunteers on the ground are already reporting that many people are being put on buses and brought to the harbour by the authorities although they are not sure where they will be taking them.

HOWEVER, I have been in contact with volunteers and project managers, to ask them if help will still be needed in June and they said that:

- refugees are most likely to continue to try and reach Lesvos during the following month (especially during summer)

- it will take time to take everyone off the islands and total clearing is unlikely

THEREFORE, I have decided to keep the project and fundraising going

If by June, the situation changes drastically and no volunteering help is needed, there will be 2 options:

- I will look to volunteer in refugee camps in Turkey (yes, it's not because they leave EU territory that they will cease to exist and they will have to find a place to stay. Unfortunately I can assure you that the conditions won't be better there) OR Calais (with Care4Calais organisation). This would mean that the aim of this campaign remains the same.

- Donate directly to a charity / organisation that works with refugees (again, if you have any preferences please tell me!)

The first option remain the most likely as I am committed to get involved personally and as much as I can in this humanitarian crisis.


Lots of love!

P.S: Here's the link of the organisation I will be working with. Their Facebook page will give you all the information about their amazing project


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