Updates on Menstrual cups for refugee women in Nigeria

Campaign Update!
Update posted by Nadine Haumann On Apr 13

Dear friends and supporters,

as we haven't reached our goal yet in the amount of time we planned and hoped for, we decided to add more time to our campaign. We are thankful for everything you've done for the women in the idp camp of Kochingoro, but we haven't raised enough yet to be able to support the women to the extent needed. As one cup costs us about 14€, the amount raised as of today would provide only about 56 pieces, and we still have to finance other expenses like transport, administration and a little something for our additional helpers we will recruit when working on location.

We kindly ask for your further support: Please share our campaign, tell friends and family! Invite friends to our facebook page! Blog about us! Help us get more publicity! Every tiny thing is greatly appreciated!

Currently Ifeanyi and I are even taking notes for a little book about our experiences, the ups and downs in our way to achieve our goals to support these wonderful women in the camp, who endured so much.

Thank you for your ongoing support! We couldn't do this without you!

Take care!


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