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Deep Brain Stimulation.
Update posted by Amy Flanagan On Mar 06

We will be seeing our neurologist tomorrow, March 7th here in Townsville. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to confirm whether he will be considered for the DBS surgery or not. There is some hope for a better quality of life being his next and only option. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery in Brisbane. Again, this is not a cure, but can delay and sometimes reduce the severity of the shakes, the swaying slurred speech, bad hand/eye co-ordination and the list goes on. This brain surgery has been proven to significantly improve Parkinsonian symptoms in patients who have failed medical therapy. The surgery involves inserting a permanent stimulating wire into the brain which is then attached to a pacemaker box in his chest. Ted’s medication is no longer satisfactorily controlling the symptoms of his Parkinson’s so there is hope that he will be a candidate for this brain surgery. However, the procedure is complicated and is not suitable for everyone, plus there are other medical complications that may prevent this surgery from happening.

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