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Update from Kathleen
Update posted by Lorrie Bissonnette On Mar 30

Hello everyone .

It's hard to believe it has been a month since my last update.

The past month has been typical in regard to my ups and downs, and progress is painfully slow. Sometimes painfully in the literal sense.

I spent my first few weeks home loving to be with my family but it has been a difficult adjustment for everyone, particularly for Rebecca, but she is getting there. For 6 weeks, I received PT and OT. I have continued to progress on my pyramid cane and despite some pain on my left side, I have taken a couple of short walks on nice days outside.My right leg gets tired fast because of bearing most of the weight. It's frustrating, but I keep trying. I have also mastered going up and down the two steps going in and out of my house. Who thought one day I would ever be excited about walking up and down 2 steps? My how things have changed.

Perhaps the most difficult and sad thing over these few weeks has been the continued lack of movement in my in my left arm. I also have much pain in my left shoulder and arm. It turns out I have sublimation in my left shoulder . The tendons that connect the shoulder to the arm have been being pulled and stretched downward via gravity , and it is as painful as it sounds. I was asked if I wanted to participate in a study going on at Metro hospital to reduce the pain. As it turns out, participants must have had their stroke at least six months prior, which I missed by one month. I will likely try again around April26th. In outpatient PT last week, I walked on the quad cane which was a nice little progression. The most exciting part for me was that the OT did some magical massages on my scapula and front shoulder which resulted in my being able to move my left arm a little bit . But I moved it! I plan on continuing to have more movement a bit at a time. Boy do I miss that guy.

Tom's employer has been great to us throughout this ordeal, but he is running out of sick time! Please let me know if in anyone knows of any type work I can do at home, as long as it doesn't involve me having some type of party involving inviting my friends over to be pressured into buying candles, or baskets, or kitchen items. Or anything at all.

Tom has been amazing taking care of Rebecca and I. We are going to get a bit of help with Rebecca this week,which should ease some of the work off of Tom.

Maya appears to be handling things maturely, and she and I talk a lot. She is a greatkid.I would like to say a special thank you to Brook park Methodist Church who has extended a kind hand to help our family . Such a kind gesture considering we are not members of their church . Thank you to friends and certain family members who have been there for me throughout this ordeal. I couldn't have done it without you ! You know who you are!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, with a special shout out to those members of The BeatlesUniverse who have contributed.The best friends I have never met, though it feels like I have known you a lifetime . Thank you to Lorrie and Sue, who kick started fundraiser to help us kick our medical bills , while I kick this stroke right in the arse. See ya around town. Or around the internet., or around the universe .

And thank you

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I wasn’t logged in so I don’t know if my previous comment went through or not. I just wanted to let you know Kathleen that you are an inspiration to me. Baby steps. Just keep working and keep progressing. I know a little bit of what Tom is going through having nursed my wife following her successful cancer surgery 6 years ago. Having had zero medical schooling, I learned a lot and learned it quickly. I think what Tom is doing is more difficult than what I did. I have much respect for you Tom. Keep up the good work guys and know that there are many of us out her cheering for you! Go team Kathleen! Best wishes, Rich Allen

Richard Allen

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