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Kathleen is home!
Update posted by Lorrie Bissonnette On Jan 26

We are thrilled to report that Kathleen was discharged home on January 16!

Although being home presents many new challenges, Kathleen is over the moon with happiness to be home with Tom and the girls, and was able to celebrate a quiet birthday with her family .

Kathleen has been very busy with in-home therapy and doctors appointments. She continues to use the pyramid cane to assist her in walking, and will soon be getting a brace made for her leg which will provide more support as she continues to progress.

Kathleen is still experiencing some pain at times but has remained fairly manageable up to this point. Kathleen and Tom and met with the neurologist two days ago. The doctor was pleased with her progress and provide Kathleen with a positive prognosis.

As we knew, Kathleen has a long road ahead filled with hard work and extreme effort. As we also knew, she is up for the challenge and willing to put 100% effort into everything that is asked of her.

Kathleen and Tom would sincerely like to thank all of those who have contributed to the Go Get Funding and for those who have given independent of the fundraiser. Both are extremely grateful for the generosity of others.


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