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Update 02/01/16
Update posted by Damian Corneal On Jan 02

02/01/16 - Happy New Year, just wanted to keep you updated on Earl's condition. The stents have improved how he is feeling day to day which is a positive, however, the doctors now know they have to attempt to shrink the tumour via chemo before operating. This makes sense having seen the latest scans and should give the best chance of success when they finally operate (leaving more viable liver tissue). We're not yet sure for how long the chemo sessions will need to run (only that it increases length of stay in the UK and unfortunately increases costs as well). That said, we're thankful for his progress and your support to date (thoughts, prayers and donations) and we wish you all a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2016!


Happy New Year to yall. Wishing Earl a successful medical procedure. God Blessings!

Albert Lee Young

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