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Update 23/12/15
Update posted by Damian Corneal On Dec 24

23/12/15 - Just a quick update folks. Earl arrived in the UK today (23/12), was seen by a specialist and immediately admitted to the hospital based on his current condition. They will run further tests tonight (CT, MRI, Bloods) but he will undergo a stent operation tomorrow (24/12) to relieve the jaundice (stent into the bile ducts bypassing the tumor). Following this they will know if the liver mass is operable (and we are hoping it is). He is expected to be in hospital over Christmas then will need a couple weeks before he can undergo the second operation (once deemed feasible). We have also been able to reduce the overall treatment estimate to £65K based on choosing outpatient options for aftercare when possible. Thanks for all of your support thus far, still some way to go! Have a Merry Christmas all....


Thank you for the update ! Tell Mr. Corneal we at the P.O.S.G.H send our prayers, well wishes & God’s blessings to him especially the A&E dept. Seasons Greetings !!

Kimberly-Simone McFarlane

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