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Update posted by Alix Wilton Regan On Apr 11

Dear Generous Supporters

We wanted to share a little love, insight and thanks as to how PLAY 4 CALAIS have spent your money to date.

Since launching in late December 2015, PLAY 4 CALAIS have been over to the Jungle eight times! At the time of writing we've raised £8,550.00 and here is how and where that money has made a difference...


December 2015 was the biggest trip to date. We screened 5 films over 4 days and reached roughly 400 adults and 100 children in the process. We took six volunteers and one interpreter, we also had two cars for transport and took one MASSIVE truck stocked to the brim with clothes and toys to donate to the Calais Warehouse, right before Christmas. As such, this trip cost £3,208.83.


In February 2016 we did another 4 day trip to the Calais Jungle. This time we took 6 volunteers and 3 cars across to France, erected our cinema 4 times for 6 different screenings in 4 days, screened to approximately 200 adults, 50 teenage boys and 200 children in the process. As previously, we took vital supplies of blankets, clothes and kitchen utensils to the Calais Warehouse for distribution and stocked up on baby formula and baby wipes for the Women & Children's Centre to hand out whilst we were there. This trip cost £1,610.84.


We recently did another 48hr-cinema-screening-trip where we screened 4 films over 2 days to a demographic of 60 children under 12 years and 50 teenage boys aged roughly 12-18 years. This trip cost £415.80.


In addition to the above, we've done five aid drops to the tune of £395.61. These were large-scale aid-focused initiatives where we delivered 5 car loads of donations, including over £17,000 worth of unworn children's winter clothing, to the Calais Warehouse. One of our (and the children's!) favourite trips was when we turned the top-deck of their Women & Children's Centre Bus into a cinema, complete with silken pink tabs and fairy lights :)


For the upcoming Football Project from the 12th-16th April we have already spent £720.51 getting our core-volunteers across to France. On top of this, £250 has gone into an emergency kitty for the team to have access to whilst in Calais and we have pledged a further £1000 to running the project on it's launch day in late April, where we hope to take 10 football savvy aid workers to the Jungle to help establish this as an ongoing initiative. We need to raise a total of £2,000 before the 16th April to make this happen.


At the time of writing we've fundraised £8,550.00 and we've spent £7,601.59. We have £948.41 left in The PLAY 4 CALAIS "Kitty" and we have a list as long as our arm from the Women & Children's Centre asking for basic luxuries such as women's knickers and shampoo for their 200+ users that we hope to supply them with. We've also got requests from the Boys Baloo Youth Centre asking for basics such as shoes and socks, which we believe no child should go without... PLAY 4 CALAIS wants to say yes to all of these requests whilst also establishing our amazing football initiative. With your help we can do all of this and more.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued interest in, support of and help with PLAY 4 CALAIS.

Alix x


Happy to help.

Kyle Crampton

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