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Facebook status update - 2015-12-14
Update posted by Martin Lindeskog On Dec 16

From my Facebook status update (December 14):

I am planning to write and publish 8 books on tea (2 on black tea, 2 on green tea, 1 on white and yellow tea, 1 on Oolong tea, and 2 books on infusions / tisanes). The book series will be illustrated by John Cox.

To kick-start this project, I need about a couple of grand (>2000 USD $), for work of art, illustrations, editing services, publishing fees, marketing activities, etc.

I will update the crowdfunding campaign page with a video and cover the creative process on my blogs and podcast.

Check out the different rewards you could receive, if you donate!

Please, don't hesitate to contact me with comments, questions on tea, suggestions for new perks, etc.


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