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Meet Esther and Alyssa!
Update posted by Emma Fingler On Dec 21

Full Name Esther Peev
Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland
Year: Third (exchange student)
Program: International Studies

“The most exciting thing about NYC is to discover the world of international organizations not anymore in theory but learn it in practice. After I am graduate I am going to start a master in International Law in Geneva and eventually become a lawyer for international organization. NMUN will then help me to have a first look at how it works in international organization and better understand some issues related to the United Nations and its function!”

Full Name: Alyssa Duchesneau-Custeau?
Hometown: Stoke (small town east of Sherbrooke)
Year: Final year
?Program: Honours in International Studies and a major in Hispanic Studies

“Its funny because I started off with a major in Modern Languages and a minor in International Studies. But I liked it so much that I switched to a major after my first semester, and to an honours at the beginning of this semester. After I graduate I'm thinking of doing a Masters, probably in Globalization and Development at UOttawa. I think that Model UN is an essential step of my academic path, as it allows me to put into practice much of what I have learned in the past two years. Also, it has already helped me overcome my shy side!”

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