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Lester's Story
Update posted by IDEAS @ UCLA On Dec 22

My name is Lester Alexander Fox Rosales and I was born in San José, Costa Rica, in 1994. I came to the United States on a tourist visa at the age of 15, along with my mother and my younger brother. After doing three years of high school, I was accepted into UCLA and I decided to major in Biology. I was fortunate enough to be able to receive financial aid almost from the beginning of my studies. However as my first year ended suddenly the fact that I do not qualify for deferred action began impacting me more in my life. Up to that point having financial aid was enough for me, however as I started looking for employment opportunities, internships, and graduate school opportunities I realized that not having DACA is a big barrier. Particularly because without it I cannot be legally employed; this has had many implications so far, the main one of which is myself thinking about leaving the country for graduate school. Because I lack a work permit, I would not be able to TA while in graduate school in this country, therefore funding for graduate schools would be more challenging. As a result of this most of the scientists I have contacted for graduate school purposes are from outside the United States. Without DACA I am reaching the conclusion that my stay in the U.S. will not last for long, very soon I will likely be in another country starting all over again.

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