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Refugees 2017
Update posted by Maria Wilby On Dec 22

Thank you to all who donated in 2016. We have achieved such a lot with your support. Many small grants and loans have enabled local refugees and asylum seekers to get important documents processed and applied for. Calais and the Jungle remain on our mind and we are currently raising funds for waterproof sleeping bags to support people who do not even have a camp to sleep in and are forced to sleep rough in towns and cities. As always the excellent Care4Calais is our conduit to directing these donations. The amazingly successful Syrian Pop up café we held earlier this year is going to be repeated and has enabled our new Syrian neighbours to consider regular work where they can show people the amazing food of Syria and share stories of their memories of happier times. We also launched our Microfinance projects this year supporting a Syrian family who cannot leave and a local Syrian man to retrain. Your donations help us pay for regular community evenings where information and activities enable refugees from all around the world to empower themselves with skills and knowledge. None of this would happen without you. Thanks you

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