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Tilos Island leads the way in humanity - lets help them
Update posted by Toyah Manning On Dec 03

Facebook update 02/12/2015 https://www.facebook.com/groups/RefugeeChild/perma...

We have been working on a joint project for a new refugee camp on Tilos Island. What can I say about the Greek people. They are struggling so much at the moment yet are sharing everything they have. Tilos Island has only 600 inhabitants, 300 in the winter. Since last June they have willingly looked after 6000 refugees! Can you imagine that?! That's at least 10 refugees for every single person on the island. Unbelievably, they are welcoming more. They get no outside help either. They want to set up a "centre of acceptance". A camp where families with children will be accepted with open arms to stay in Tilos while their applications are processed. Tilos have donated the land and today my lovely friend Paulo set off there from the UK with a huge van full of professional tents donated by LPM Bohemia to make a start on this project. We are supporting it with funds too. Let's make this happen. We have so many plans to help make this an example to the rest of the world about how to treat refugees. Tilos you're amazing!

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