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Update posted by Mark Voerman On Sep 03

September 4th marks the 3rd Anniversary of my Wife's passing from Multiple System Atrophy and this campaign is to satisfy her number 1 item on the bucket list she left me, that is to ensure other sufferers of MSA do not feel the same sense of hopelessness she felt. Only through Research will people diagnosed with MSA get a proper diagnosis, some form of Treatment and hopefully one day a cure. Thank you for visiting and hopefully donating.

The logo on the Keyring is made up of a Gumleaf and Gumnuts representing Australia and the Silver Fern iconic to New Zealand. Both are joined together just as these to nations tend to join together when battling a common foe (the ANZAC legend). The colour Purple is used as it is the colour adopted by a group of MSA self help groups around the world.

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