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Where would the money go?
Update posted by kdhernandezzz On Feb 11

A valid question was raised by one of the netizens regarding this project. I guess everyone who's thinking to donate has the same question in mind - "Where would the money go?". To answer this question, I already contacted Rappler (the website who published the article) and asked for their assistance about auditing the possible fund and getting in touch with Michael and his family. Below is a copy of my message to them. Let's all hope they will reply soon. :)

Hi Rappler! 

I sent an email last night to [email protected] but I'm not sure if that's valid because you cannot say this one's a "contribution". I was very moved by Michael Christian Martinez's story and how his Mother mortgaged their house to support him in going to Sochi, Russia to compete for the Winter Olympics. I then decided to start an online fund raising for him and his family - especially to get their house back. You can find the website on this link: http://tinyur­l.­­com/Support4Fili­pin­o­WinterOlympian (please remove the character - if there's any to access the website). I would really appreciate it if you can feature the website in one of your articles so A LOT of people can see it and donate. I also would like to seek your assistance in getting in touch with Michael and his family so I can give them the money if this project will become successful.
Looking forward to your reply. Thank you and more power! :)


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