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Pireaus and Idomeni
Update posted by Ariana Faris On Apr 07

We are now in Idomeni having spent about 8. Days in Piraeus port where 4000-5000 people have been staying for nearly 6 weeks now . The conditions are extremely difficult with people having had no access to showers for a month, the good news is that a mobile unit with showers has now arrived and our friend Steve Wilson is involved in keeping this facility going for which the women are extremely grateful

Here in Idomeni we are attached to a small NGOs Refugee trauma initiative and have been working with them - yesterday and today with afghan women and with a family in another camp - very challenging to know how to help in a sustainable and ethical way given we are not here for long - mostly what people are asking for is for the borders to be opened and for information from the authorities about what is going to happen as they have now been stuck in these conditions for several weeks ...we have been told that of the almost 15000 people here almost 6000 are children !

Today we ran two mindfulness sessions one with afghan women and one with children in a small tent , despite not knowing how it would be received the women said they felt lighter and the children were totally calm . I have never facilitated mindfulness in such a strange setting, nor been more grateful for the benefits it can bring.

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