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Changing conditions for refugees in Greece
Update posted by Ariana Faris On Mar 24

The crisis in Greece has taken a dramatic turn since the EU /Turkey deal completed this weekend. Camps in Lesvos that were being organised and run with assistance of NGOs and volunteers providing essential humanitarian aid have been turned into closed detention centres run by police and army and the NGOS have pulled out unable to support such measures. Most refugees have been forced to leave the island and are now arriving in Athens with far less infrastructure there to support them.

It is a time of turmoil and confusion with much uncertainty as to the ramifications of the Turkey/eu deal. So it is in this climate that I am returning to Greece on Easter Sunday with Jeff my husband We are both psychotherapists and have first responder first aid skills and will be taking medical and first aid equipment with us and funds to provide as much support as we can on the ground. We will be joined by a friend and will be staying for two weeks. If necessary we will move to other parts of the Greek mainland to provide further assistance in some of the other camps that are being set up. Although Julie my sister will not be joining us on this trip we will be particularly looking out for vulnerable women children and babies and providing as much assistance to them as we can.

Many thanks for your generous support and encouragement, your funds will make a huge difference to what we will are able to provide. I will post a link to a blog to continue to update you on our work.


Wishing you strength for the next few weeks. Thank you for all you continue to do for those in need. Lisa Mansour (Julie’s friend and colleague).

Lisa Mansour

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