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Finally buses arrive!
Update posted by Ariana Faris On Sep 08

So we have been here three days and are beginning to get the hang of things. Yesterday conditions in Mytilene where people have to register were at boiling point because all processing of documents had stopped. Very hard to persuade people to stay in Molyvos which is a safer place rather than attempt the three day walk to the port. The team and volunteers we have joined are incredibly positive and hard-working. People just get on with the job at hand as best they can. Julie yesterday looking after heavily pregnant woman and checking over babies in the camp. We were also able to top up supplies and buy much-needed large bins to tidy up the camp. Today good news as the tensions in Lesvos forced the authorities to improve the processing and we hear 8000 people left the island today so Mytilene much safer. Here in Molyvos 'help the refugees 'hired coaches but still a lot of stress for people struggling to stay together and worried they won't get on the bus . When they first arrive having made the precarious journey by sea they are hopeful and happy. Soon after when they have realised maybe they have to walk as they can't get a taxi to take them 65 k , and they see the camp is very temporary and there is no official NGO or government set up here the expressions on faces change as they recognise the reality. However we have only encountered dignified friendly and polite attitudes where the situation would justify more anger and frustration . We have heard many stories of loss and hope. Please share - every penny really does helps to make a difference here .

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