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Day 6, 13th August
Update posted by Andy Osborne On Aug 13

Today was, in all honesty, easier than yesterday! However, it took a lot longer because it was the longest cycle either of us had ever done, at a whopping 80 miles! We started off the day by cycling into Shrewsbury for breakfast, as we wanted to start very early to avoid the apparently bad weather. I say cycled but really it was just a long descent, not much pedalling, although when we did we managed to hit our maximum speed of the day, which was just over 40 mph - the second fastest so far. In Shrewsbury, we took some photos of the Quantum Leap statue, then crossed the road to a pub, where people were already drinking beer, at 9 o'clock! We had a big breakfast, each with a drink and it still just cost less than 10 - wow!
That bit of the day was downhill and because the naturally occurring uphill to accompany that had been completed the previous day, the rest of the route was absolutely and completely flat. This meant we could keep up a really good speed, and despite the very long length of the ride, we averaged a fantastic speed of 14.5 mph!
Today, for about 2 hours, I used Dad's gizmo (Sat Nav for the bike). Although this was fun for me to know things about the ride (I get a bit annoyed when I don't know how far it is to go and how long that will take), I haven't got used to it, so there were a few detours, which probably set Dad back about a mile in total. I say Dad because most of these detours were his fault for being deaf! I'd say ?left? perfectly loudly but he'd just keep going! Unfortunately, since I had the gizmo, that extra distance wasn't recorded!

We stopped after about two hours at a little village store to fill up our water bottles and get some extra snacks for lunch. We eventually stopped at Frodsham and sat next to a nice old chap on a bench.
I'm not going to do my usual bit on the scenery today, because it was rubbish - mediocre, standard countryside, then grotty town bits through Warrington...
Now, tomorrow: good news and bad news - good news is that it will be shorter than today - 'only' 68 miles, where I thought it was 85! However, it is a bit hilly tomorrow and worse, will likely be raining all day - nothing even a climatologist can do about that... Oh well, better get on with it!!


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