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Update posted by Kathleen McBrair On Oct 18

Hello all:  Emma definitely seems to be on the upswing, but we will have to continue the chews and Rimadyl indefinitely.  So that's the good news.  The bad news is that we have to move (less than two weeks away) as there is just no guarantee that I will be able to find a job in time to salvage our circumstances.  We are not being evicted, but it would not be prudent to wait until that actually happens.  Although I have been working for my landlord, we are moving into the slow season, and he has also pulled a couple jobs lately, giving them to the prospective tenants after asking me to do them.  I also had to donate $218 to my own fund and pay the related costs recently due to a card slam.  Perhaps more later when I'm not feeling so gloomy...  Thank you again to all who have helped!

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