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A Hitch and Some Progress
Update posted by Kathleen McBrair On Oct 03

Hello all:  It has been quite a week!  Emma is generally improving, but a week ago today, she managed to injure her front right leg--the same side as her troubled hind leg!  After a thorough check of her feet, leg and shoulder, I could not determine the problem and made an evening call to the vet.  They told me to simply keep an eye on it--her Rimadyl could not be increased since she was already at the maximum dosage.  It was disturbing to see her three-legging it and putting more stress on her already-stressed hind leg.  After a few days of keeping her quiet and lifting her onto/off the bed and keeping her from jumping on the couch, she no longer showed any signs of the front leg injury.  ???  Regarding the ongoing situation, she is showing general improvement.  The two-week initial period has now passed, so the Rimadyl is now being decreased.  We will see how things go.  Woof from Emma and Kathleen...

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