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Some Progress/Short-Term Plan
Update posted by Kathleen McBrair On Sep 18

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Hello All: We had the perfect day for a little travel, and Emma got to meet her new doctor, Dawn Kennedy, and an interviewing vet as well. Emma behaved perfectly and was so excited about the experience that the potty break yielded a wet sidewalk rather than grass irrigation. They said that she could give doggy classes in how to behave for x-rays. (Liz will appreciate this as we have discussed her video hamming. :D)

Emma had quite a few pretty good days, but the last couple days have been rough. The one good thing about the re-decline is that Dr. Kennedy was clearly able to see the problem. Emma now has a short-term plan, and her treatment/follow-up will be ongoing. If there is no improvement within a few weeks, she will consult with an orthopedist. There is the possibility of exploratory surgery down the road—as anesthesia is necessary either way, MRI and exploratory costs are comparable.

She has been prescribed a course of continued joint chews, Rimadyl and fish oil. We got the fish oil tabs on the way home, so we’re all set for the short-term. Blood work was run to determine the propriety of the Rimadyl. Clinic notes from the record are below.

Sticker shock: $418.24, less the routine cost of $57.36 for six months of Heartgard.  An additional $30 to our friend/driver for gas and dinner.

Verbatim clinic notes: “Emma looks great overall on exam except she is significantly lame on her right hindleg. Her xrays show both arthritis in her knee and hip joints. I suspect the hip arthritis is due to laxity in the joint, most likely due to hip dysplasia. I believe the arthritis in the knee is due to chronic wear and tear on the joint from activity. I recommend continuing the Dasuquin and starting fish oil, 1000mg daily for 2 weeks, then 1000mg twice daily, cut dosage in ½ if diarrhea/soft stool develops. I recommend Rimadyl as needed for flare ups of lameness or pain after initial course of 14 days. If no improvement on the Rimadyl, please call and we will need to evaluate her knee more thoroughly for a meniscal damage. Thank you!!”

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