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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jul 10

I just want to stop in for an update.

Our original base goal was 3k. We have raised 1.2k !!! ^-^

This puts us just under the halfway point for our total goal.

We still have some ways to go, but I'm excited.

So I was asked recently, "What are you going to do, if you acheive over your goal?"

Well, first off, Hugs, Kisses and Thank You's all the way around because you are helping to make this thing happen in ways we, especially myself, could have never dreamed possible.

Secondly, 3k, was just a guesstimate based on some information I had been given and some mis-information I had been given. I haven't changed it. Why? At this point for us, any donation is a HUGE blessing. If I didn't receive another dollar before the wedding, the 1.2k I have been given, is 1.2k of our own money we can put towards something else now.

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