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#1 - A little more from Teddy - 17 October 2013
Update posted by Annie Liley On Dec 10
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...and thanks for the vote of confidence. The Founding Fathers of the US have already weighed in and hope some historians will teach the lesson of the importance of hemp/cannabis in the settling of the early colonies and then the the States as the income is what was used to pay the English the taxes they demanded.

The Attorney General has recently asked that non- violent cannabis offenders NOT be incarcerated. From my understanding part of the reasoning behind this is that at any moment there could be legalization and then the problem is going to be how to RELEASE those who were incarcerated prior, so why add to the burden that is already anticipated when there are other options.

The other "problem" in perspective that lawmakers and enforcers have is that YES granted there are those who have received Medical Recs from doctors when everyone knows it is for purely recreational purposes while others do have legitimate complaints that are relieved by the use of cannabis in one of its myriad applications both external and internal, both capable of having psycho-active effects and not...

So there are concerns on that side YET what makes sense to me, since no one in the history of human kind has successfully wiped out what nature obviously has made bountiful and capable of being grown in virtually any of the continents, and while the present system has actually confused and confounded many since it has started in the direction of Medical Use would be for those who do use it recreationally to off set the costs for those who really can use it to heal, and can not afford it or have difficulty accessing it.

For instance here in the FP there are about 1000 Doc Recs for medical cannabis (with a population of about 3000) and not a single dispensary and I might add that while our good friend Bodhi was a resident of this state he took advantage of the ability to use Medical MJ.

Many may not believe how many elderly folks (and I'm getting there myself) use the creams for everything from simple arthritis and burns to aid in cancer therapy. What would be criminal to me would be denying my neighbors or brothers what could help them live a better quality of life, simply because some how the law could possibly be read now to read, that is a felony. Most of them would much rather use edibles and topicals' than smoke and have the extreme psychoactive effects associated with weed grown for the recreational user, NOT the medical need of higher CBD. That requires growing and processing the cannabis which requires QUANTITIES of it, especially if juicing is the route one chooses to go.

There are people dying of cancer who get pain relief and some moments of rest from cannabis, not to mention people being healed by SIMPSON OIL. The initial course of treatment for one patient takes the processing of 1 lb of buds to make the the necessary quantity and optimal quality. I think it criminal to deny them access if I am able to help them and I find that to be directly in line with HEAL the sick and Raise the dead, and to give of what I have been given freely and without conditions...

You all forget I already spent 6 days in jail so I am not unfamiliar with confinement and there were as many miraculous experiences and all the guidance is just as active in me in there as out here, so for me there is obviously more to this than meets the eye and certainly the way I have been given to proceed now and those with whom I am, feels and is in alignment with the guidance not only myself and others have received as to how we should proceed and what we are doing in regards to Med Marijuana; and it really isn't all that different that how the few of us began in Australia making the Sparkly available...

Yes in effect I have been prepared for something like this and I'm ok with how this is now. I was not ok with just taking the terms of the plea it didn't feel honest in me and changes had to be made as to the legal council I use and trust this to.
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