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Albury and Junee Railway Wall of Honour
Update posted by Ross Jackson On Jan 11

What is What is The Albury and Junee Railway Wall of Honour?

The Albury and Junee Railway Wall of Honour is a permanent exhibit of individuals that will be permanently featured in a restored rail car set (900 Class). It will be the only place in New South Wales where an individual can honour his or her family heritage within a moveable monument - that will travel within NSW and interstate as a tribute to the men and women of service who were employed in Albury and Junee. Every passenger that the restored 900 Class has on board will have an opportunity to inspect all inscriptions.

Is my family member or friend eligible for inclusion on the Wall of Honour?

The Albury and Junee Wall of Honour is open to all entries. It is open to all career roles for railway workers, year of beginning work and year of retirement (if not current). The Wall of Honour is for both living and deceased. The common element that ties these names together is the celebration of railway heritage in both iconic railway towns of Albury and Junee that will tour around NSW once restored.

How can I place a name on the Wall of Honour?

The names of individuals inscribed on the Wall of Honour through donations will help restore and maintain the 900 Class DEB set. You can place a name ($35.00) on The Wall of Honour using our online order (Link Below) or you can contact us on our Facebook Site to request information which will be sent via mail. For each contribution of $200, your name will also be added to the supporter Wall of Honour in the Buffet Car as a Major Contributor plus an Invitation to a recommissioning trip.

What else can you tell me about the 900 Class DEB Set Restoration?

The 900 Class is a 1950’s lightweight daylight running train that was once native in Junee and Albury on the “Riverina Express”, it was replaced in 1982 by the Riverina XPT. Once restored the air conditioned “Riverina Express” will hold 180 passengers with a top running speed of 115km/h with buffet facilities on board.

Thank you for considering a contribution to the 900 Class Restoration. We are relying on kind financial support of our community to ensure the future of this iconic train.

Through the generosity of people like you we have already saved the train from being scrapped and have now secured its future. We are also sourcing new parts and original documentation to begin the faithful restoration to put the 900 Class back to service.

Albury Inscriptions will be displayed in Power Car 903 & Junee Inscriptions will be displayed in Power Car 957

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