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Update after working bee.
Update posted by Ross Jackson On Dec 20

Glad to be home! Rothbury was ridiculously hot place to be on Saturday with temps of 36..... In saying that i just got home in Albury and it is over 40 with a bushfire raging just south of the Murray River, my best wishes to anyone affected by the weather/fires.

An update on our DEB;

The DEB is still in good condition, but areas are deteriorating quicker than others. We need to look for a transfer movement in Mid 2016.

All of the boarded over windows have been fitted with a flush mount cover that is placed from the inside the car rather than hang off the outside. Sadly PF903 has the most amount of missing windows (probably have something to do with its isolated storage location). I will get some pics up of them shortly. Thank You again for the Generosity of the Thurgoona Men's Shed for making these.

A full clean out of cars was undertaken removing bits that were stored in some of the cars from other dismantled locomotives and other rubbish. This made all the aisles and vestibules manageable for all persons on site.

Some riveting work was undertaken to areas that showed deterioration since the last time we were on site. HPF957 and HPF958 are showing rapid deterioration in body work compared to the other 4 cars. Possably because they never had a SP2 upgrade?

When the afternoon heat rolled off we decided to have a play on the nose of HPF958, which is not even close to professionally done, but good enough for a night pic. It sparked a couple of arguments on detail, but all part of the fun!

All in all we had around 20 people come along, many passed in and out. Considering it was a week before Christmas and an absolutely ridiculous temperature it was a very good turnout.

Thankyou to everyone to participated and supported the weekend - we can not do this without you.

Next goal is $5000 in the account to pay for the inspection prior to moving the train in mid next year, remember- every little thing counts.

We have raised a combined total of $11,220.00, please spread the word and share our posts!

If anyone is interested to go to Rothbury for 20 mins to do a quick couple of tidy up jobs it would be appreciated.

Link to the fundraising site;


Thankyou for a fantastic and successful working bee this weekend from myself and the admin team. More photo's to come

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