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​*********** DEB SET RAFFLE 2017 NUMBER ONE ***********
Update posted by Ross Jackson On Apr 14

We are getting close to a move of our set, support us by purchasing some raffle tickets!

First Raffle of 2017, please support the cause by “Sharing” this Raffle to give us the best exposure. All prizes are donated so anything made off this is clean profit for our restoration. We are getting close to turning a wheel out of Rothbury so every dollar counts.

Please understand that this raffle is to support the restoration and operation of a NSWGR Rail motor set nicknamed the DEB Sets. None are currently in heritage service. Though you may not know the train you can support by going into the running to win some fantastic prizes.

Over $36,000 has been raised over the past 2 years towards the restoration.

First Prize –

Brand new Peco track, points, catchpoints and curves.
Included is a track layout of what it would create 4.5 x 2m Layout - or make whatever you please!
Included is;
10 x Peco Code 100 Flexi Track
5 x 95 Medium Radius Right Hand Turnout
7 x 96 Medium Radius Left Hand Turnout
1 x 88 Large Radius Right Hand Turnout
1 x 89 Large Radius Left Hand Turnout
2 x 85 Left hand Catchpoint
3 x 84 Right hand Catchpoint
10 x ST-235 Curve Pieces
36 x ST-238 Curve Pieces
5 x SL-10 Rail Joiner packs
3 x SL-11 Insulated Rail Joiners Packs
3 x Track Joiner Pin Packs
It is worth around $900 (Based on ebay prices)

Diagram attached to show the track configuration it will build.

Second Prize –

State Rail watch with Tanagra second hand

Donated to raffle by a member this fantastic piece will be at home in any NSW Rail collection.

Apparently they were issued at corporate functions around 1989
The case is a little beaten up but the watch is in excellent condition.

Third Prize –

The set comes complete with a speed controller, is Ready to Run and is a perfect train set for beginners and hobbyists

• HO Scale GE Dash 8 40 CM BHP
• 4 HO scale ore cars
• Speed controller with wall pack
• 12 Pieces HO scale 18" radius curved E-Z Track
• HO Scale 9" straight terminal rerailer E-Z Track
• HO Scale 9" straight E-Z track
• Illustrated instruction manual

To purchase tickets please follow the below links –
One Ticket ($2.00)


Three Tickets ($5.00)


Twelve Tickets ($20.00)


Twenty Four Tickets ($40.00)


Forty Eight Tickets ($80.00)


Thank you to our supporters, we hope to bring good news soon.

Want to know more about us? please follow the link and Like our page.


To be drawn Saturday 1st July 2017.

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